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7 Biggest Sales Meeting Blunders to Avoid – Part I

For the manager who meets with the team on a regular basis, understanding sales meeting pitfalls is essential if you want to create excitement, motivation[...]

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Are You a Daily Skype User?

Are you using Skype?  I’ve been using Skype for a year or so but have finally discovered the power of Skype when my wife and[...]

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The Art of Customer Service

It’s funny (and yet sad) to see how employees can offer up customer service to consumers who visit their business establishments. Recently I had lunch[...]

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Are You Nooked?

Wow, I must admit, the new Barnes and Noble Nook has “Nooked” me!  I love the ability to read from this new technology device, and[...]

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“STINK” Bait….

Have you ever fished for catfish? I guess it’s an Ozark’s thing, but many people in my area love to fish for catfish. The most[...]

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Do You Twaitter?

If you have a desire to set up “tweets” for your Twitter account in advance, check out Twaitter.  I love Twaitter because it works with[...]

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Producing the Wow Effect!

In part two of my sales meeting “The New Gold Standard,” based on the book by Joseph A Michelle, I discuss the importance of “Creating[...]

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Web 3.0

Recently I read a new book entitled “Marketing in The Moment,” by Michael Tasner. Very interesting thoughts and ideas about Web 3.0 marketing. Are you[...]

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Microsoft Outlook Blog

There’s a handy blog from Microsoft to learn more about Microsoft 2010 Outlook.  This is an excellent resource to find out the in’s and out’s[...]

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