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21 Mistakes

In my latest book, “21 Mistakes Real Estate Brokers Make and How to Avoid Them,”, Corky Hyatt and myself discuss a number of issues[...]

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Your Most Important Commodity

In my business, the real estate industry, we are reminded that nearly half of our customers are from the recommendations of friends, family members or[...]

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Are Sales Meetings Dead?

It seems like the more people I talk to, the more I hear about the lack of weekly sales meetings. I guess the economy can[...]

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Strange but True!

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time, and with today’s tough economic climate we never know who might need a small token of[...]

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Good Intentions

Most brokers, managers and owners have good intentions of accomplishing certain tasks; unfortunately “time” is the culprit of many of our ideas. If only we[...]

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If it’s not broken, leave it alone!

Recently my wife and I ate at a chain restaurant which serves Pasta that we truly enjoy. It’s a small restaurant that seats around 100[...]

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Is RSS Dead?

It’s funny, a lot of the “Geek” technology podcasts I listen to want to declare RSS as dead. If you’re unclear on what RSS is,[...]

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Are You Stressed Out?

This week I produced a new Sales Meeting for my Members entitled, “Stress Management.”  The Meeting Objective is to help agents learn effective ways[...]

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Who Wants to Be Accountable?

Gosh, those are dreaded words for most people, or are they? Accountability, what’s it really mean? According to Webster’s Online dictionary, accountability means an obligation[...]

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