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Here’s my Latest 2-Minute Tech Tip

Would you like to take better photographs?  Check out my latest 2-Minute Tech Tip.  [...]

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Here’s another 2-Minute Tech Tip – Ginger Software – Grammar App

I love this app, and it works for both iOS and Android. Check it out today, it’s awesome![...]

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Here’s a NEW Two-Minute Tech Tip – June 11, 2016

Check out the OverDrive App (hey, I got it right!).  That’s right, OverDrive, and it’s FREE, and very cool!  [...]

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Searching Short-Cuts With Google

Here’s my latest Two-Minute Tech Tip – Search short-cuts with Google[...]

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Interactive 3D Business Cards

Here's a cool piece of technology that is sure to be something we will be seeing more of in the days to come. It's a[...]

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How to Duplicate a PowerPoint Slide

Here’s another Two-Minute Tech Tip from John Mayfield, The Business Tech Guy[...]

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How to Create a Movie from a Microsoft PowerPoint

Here is another Two-Minute Tech Tip from John Mayfield, “The Business Tech Guy.”[...]

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