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Are You Following the Recipe to Success?

(Transcribed from audio Podcast) – Hi, I’m John Mayfield, “The Business Tech Guy” with your podcast for today on leadership and encouragement. Yes, I go by the Business Tech Guy, I love technology, but also love leadership, encouragement and motivating others in their business and personal lives. So on today’s podcast I want to ask you a question, are you following the recipe? That’s right, are you following the recipe to success? And I bring this up because I’m listening

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5 Things Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Shark Tank

My wife and I love to watch the television episode Shark Tank. It’s fascinating to watch people pitch their ideas, dreams and other business products to the panel of judges. The sharks have an amazing track record of success, and it’s always interesting to watch how they approach approving or rejecting a contestants idea. As I was watching Shark Tank the other night, it dawned on me how the program provides some basic principles that could help any small business

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Want to Know the Secret to a Successful New Year?

Is there a secret to achieving success for the upcoming year?  In fact, what is “success?”  According to Google’s online dictionary, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  I like that definition, because it does not involve money, fame, royalty, or any of the other items many people want to associate with success.  In fact, you could say that if your aim or purpose was to learn to speak a new language, (and you achieved that goal) then

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There is Really No Excuse!

Yesterday while my wife and I were making our daily jog/walk at our local state park, we were stopped by an 81 year “young” man.  He was on a brand new bicycle he had purchased just minutes earlier at a local retail store.  This joyful and excited fellow stopped to ask us a few questions about the 12 mile bike trail.  We were probably about a mile from the parking lot, so we knew he had just started his journey on this

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Don’t Quit!

On April 13th, 1954 two rookie baseball players made their first major league appearance.  One ballplayer was from the Milwaukee Braves while the other one played for the Cincinnati Reds.  The Cincinnati Reds player had a record hitting five doubles to help his team beat the braves 9 to 8.  The rookie for Milwaukee made five separate appearances to bat during the game and never did reach base.  0 for 5 was not an impressive outing for the new rookie,

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Are You Holding on to Excess Luggage?

Have you ever taken a trip by airplane, only to arrive home and watch everyone pick up their luggage from the baggage claim area but you?  It’s kind of a sick feeling, especially if it’s late at night and you’re ready to head home from a long day of traveling. Letting go of “stuff” can be a difficult and challenging obstacle for all of us.  After all, it’s our stuff, and when it’s gone or we believe something has happened

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I Know Something Good is Going to Happen Out of This

  Recently while visiting a friend in the hospital in St. Louis I overheard a woman in the hallway talking to her son about her health.  Although I was not listening intentionally, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to hear her comments to her son, “I just know something good is going to happen out of this!”  Wow, although this may not have much of an impact to some folks, it caught me off guard

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Mrs. Matkin

As I write this blog I am 48 years old. Nearly 39 years ago I had a teacher in elementary school named Mrs. Matkin. She seemed so old and ancient at the time I had her in school. Mrs. Matkin couldn’t walk fast, her hair had turned gray and her face looked worn and exhausted from her countless years of teaching fourth grade students. Although I cannot remember every detail about what Mrs. Matkin wore on a day to day

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