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Write Your Goals Down

Remember, it’s only a dream, until you write it down!

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Are You Following the Recipe to Success?

(Transcribed from audio Podcast) – Hi, I’m John Mayfield, “The Business Tech Guy” with your podcast for today on leadership and encouragement. Yes, I go by the Business Tech Guy, I love technology, but also love leadership, encouragement and motivating others in their business and personal lives. So on today’s podcast I want to ask you a question, are you following the recipe? That’s right, are you following the recipe to success? And I bring this up because I’m listening to a wonderful MP3 audiobook now by the author Jack Canfield, on goal setting and how to change your life and do some interesting things. And what I find fascinating about this book is that it’s the same stuff I’ve heard over and over and over again. And that’s no disrespect to Jack Canfield; he’s a great author. He created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and this is a wonderful audiobook, but there’s nothing really new that I haven’t heard before. That’s really kind of the way life is. It is really just a lot of the same things that are given to us over and over again. Yet while listening to this book from Jack Canfield, and the stories that he tells about people and things they have been doing to find success and achieve their dreams and reach their goals, things that I need to be doing daily in my own life to achieve success. Even though I’ve heard these principles many, many times before. The light bulb finally went off in my head while listening to this audio recording. There is a recipe for success, and the recipe is right here in front of me!

The ingredients I need, for example, to visualize success. I’ve heard the story of Jack Nicholas visualizing the ball going onto the green many times before. I have heard the stories of how Olympic athletes have visualized winning the gold medal and standing on the platform rehearsing and going over it time and time again.

I know that writing your goals down are important. I have heard many people tell me that reading positive affirmations on a daily basis is so important, but yet I have chosen to not really follow the recipe.

I don’t know about you, and how you feel about this statement, but we can achieve success in our lives if we will just take the time to study the ingredients, and use the ingredients in the recipe that the instructions call for.

That’s why I titled today’s podcast ”Are you following the Recipe to Success?” Because there are several recipes out there for success, they all really more or less contain the same ingredients, we just have to find the ingredients that work in our lives, and most importantly, apply those ingredients to the recipe. By doing this, we too can find success!
Several months ago I was listening to an MP3 from the National Speakers Association, and I heard a gentleman on this audio recording explain that when he decided he wanted to become a professional speaker, he knew that he needed to hang around other speakers, and learn and listen to what they were doing as successful speakers, and apply those same principles in his life. Basically he said on this audio recording, and what really pressed upon me, is that if you’re going to fish, you need to hang around other fishermen. And he said, “that’s why I decided I needed to be involved in the National Speakers Association. If I wanted to be a professional speaker, I needed to hang around other successful professional speakers.”

Thank you Jack Canfield for a wonderful audiobook that has reminded me that there is a recipe for success, and even though I’ve heard many times over the ingredients that you have shared with me in your audiobook, it has helped me understand and realize that I need to use those ingredients each and every day. If I follow the instructions to the recipe, I too will achieve my dreams and goals. Most importantly, and why I’m doing this podcast today, is for you the listener. The ingredients are out there for you, the same recipe that I can use and Jack Canfield used, and many others have used is available for you too.

I hope and encourage you to read the recipe, use the ingredients, follow the instructions, and I know and hope you will achieve your dreams and goals!

As always, thanks for listening to the podcast, I hope you have a great day, and be sure and sign up for my two-minute tech tips You can also sign up for coaching there and many other items. And if you like the encouragement and motivational aspect of my business, be sure and sign up for the podcast, you can get these recordings regularly as well.

If you need a motivational speaker or a technology speaker, keep me in mind, (John Mayfield) you can reach me

Again, thanks for listening, go out make it a great day, follow the recipe, use the ingredients, and as Zig Ziglar would always tell us, will both see each other at the top

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Are you working toward your goals and passions you have in life?

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost

If you’re not pursuing your dreams, follow these tips on executing your daily to do list to get back on track.
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5 Things Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Shark Tank

Photodune 2913444 shark in aquarium m

My wife and I love to watch the television episode Shark Tank. It’s fascinating to watch people pitch their ideas, dreams and other business products to the panel of judges. The sharks have an amazing track record of success, and it’s always interesting to watch how they approach approving or rejecting a contestants idea.

As I was watching Shark Tank the other night, it dawned on me how the program provides some basic principles that could help any small business and specifically in my target group, real estate professionals, in making their businesses more profitable. This blog post will explore five principles you can take from Shark Tank to grow your business and receive a greater return on your investment.

#1 – Knowledge

My wife and I both comment regularly about the need for knowing your product inside and out if you plan to be a contestant on Shark Tank. The sharks ask a wide variety of questions that each business professional must be ready to answer.

How well do you know your product? If I was to ask you what your average commission per transaction is can you answer that? Do you know how many homes you have sold in your marketplace in the past year? What’s the average sales price for your city? How many transactions close in your multiple listing service each year per agent?  How are your numbers compared to that statistic?

Yes, each shark wants to know specific questions about the contestant’s product or service they are pitching. You, as a real estate agent must also be knowledgeable about your product! You should know your product inside and out. Not only the financial numbers on how your business works, but also what’s going on in the marketplace regarding real estate. Even knowing the economic perspective, the census data, and what’s happening through your local Chamber of Commerce would all be beneficial.

The reality is the sharks won’t purchase a product from a contestant if they don’t have the financial numbers for information to answer their question quickly and convincingly. The same principle can apply in your life as a real estate professional. Why would consumers want to let you handle their listing if you cannot answer the most minute and specific details about your product, your service, and how the entire transaction will work?

#2 – Visuals

The second interesting characteristic that I have noticed by watching Shark Tank is that most of the contestants will have some very interesting visuals and product samples to share with the sharks. A prototype, photos, even actors and actresses who come along with the contestants to pitch the idea are beneficial in winning approval with the sharks.

How do visuals aid the real estate professional? Let me ask you, do you use any type of visual listing presentation aid in your current business model? Just like visuals for the contestants on shark tank, you as a real estate professional must consider using visuals to help win more business.

Examples might include a listing presentation, an agent bio packaged in an interesting trifold brochure or a one page about you and your company could all help when you are talking to consumers and asking for their business. After all, what is more convincing to a consumer, telling them the average days on market is nearly six months or 180 days, or showing them the visual from a property report printed from your multiple listing service? I’m sure you will agree; visuals are an important part of winning business. In fact, many studies have shown that the majority of consumers learn through visuals.

Consider creating some interesting visual type marketing accessories that you can use when working with buyers, sellers, for sale by owners, and the general public. Think outside the box and look at ways that you could create stunning graphics and visuals that will help tell your story and why you are a real estate professional they should hire.

#3 – Preparation

Having knowledge is one thing, bringing along a visual is also helpful, but the lack of preparation for your appointment will show if you have not rehearsed. You must put the time and preparation into your presentation skills if you plan and want to earn new business. Creating a list of possible objections, questions and the other points you feel the customer or client might ask you, along with preparing answers for those questions will allow you to look professional and shine among the competition. After all, what will you say if they want you to reduce your marketing fee? How will you respond when they ask you about the various types of marketing activities you will be performing for them? Each and every potential customer could have a slew of questions they are ready to throw at you, and by preparing in advance how you will handle and what you will say to each question will be extremely helpful.

By the way, whenever you go on a listing appointment, and a new question or objection comes up, write it down and craft the best possible response for that objection.

It’s interesting on shark tank to watch and witness those contestants prepared versus those who have not. As noted earlier, the sharks will throw out a wide variety of questions, and they want to know each and every detail about the product or service being pitched. Unfortunately, some contestants are completely blindsided and have no idea the sharks might ask such specific questions. Others, especially those who took the time to prepare, are always ready to provide a quick, efficient and intelligent solution for the sharks. And yes, they are usually the ones who will find an investor on the show.

#4 – Testimonials

Although the sharks are not necessarily asking for specific testimonials on the program, they will almost always ask the contestant what their track record is. In other words, many of the sharks want to know if they have gone out and sold their products in the marketplace? If so, what kind of results did they have? Some of the contestants will have limited or no numbers to share with the sharks, and that never goes over well. Others will have lots of sales, and this always tends to get an eyebrow movement creating interest and excitement among the sharks.

Have you ever thought about creating some type of visual page in your presentation book with names and phone numbers of people who have used your service that the client or customer could call? Have testimonials and a track record from your multiple listing service to show during your sales call.

With the power of today’s business world and the Internet, you should have your clients write testimonials for your Google plus page, Zillow and These testimonials and your track record can go a long way building credibility with this new customer.

If you’re a new agent and you don’t have a long track record or history to lean upon, consider using your company’s historical data. Often, you can toot the Horn of your office and how well your company has done over the past few years and ride the coattails to close the transaction.

Remember that with product sales and a track record, your testimonials and your production levels will work in the same manner that product sales work and help convince the sharks that they have a good solid winner!

#5 -Negotiate

Each contestant on the Shark Tank must be prepared to negotiate if they want to win the business of one of the sharks? Not true all the time. When a contestant has a very good product, a great track record or testimonials, the right visuals and Proto-type of their product, along with answers for the many questions each shark throws at them, many times the negotiation goes in favor of the contestant!

My wife and I have watched many Shark Tank episodes where two or three sharks like the product so well, they offered them exactly what they wanted, and even sweetened the pot when more sharks were trying to get in to snatch up the business opportunity.

It’s a great point to remember for real estate professionals, in that if your product or service you pitch fulfills all the items we discussed, normally the client or customer will want to do business with you! You have to prove through your knowledge, through visual presentations, and by your preparation, along with your proven track record that you are the person they need to do business with, you will win more real estate business!

In closing, you can clearly see the five principles I have discussed from the shark tank, and how they can also apply to you as a real estate professional. I encourage you to think about these five principles, and hope that you will look for ways to increase your knowledge, create new visuals, practice your presentation, and keep track of your business to share with others

Best of luck and thanks for reading my blog! – John Mayfield, “The Business Tech Guy!”




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Want to Know the Secret to a Successful New Year?

Thought bubble custom text 13417

Is there a secret to achieving success for the upcoming year?  In fact, what is “success?”  According to Google’s online dictionary, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  I like that definition, because it does not involve money, fame, royalty, or any of the other items many people want to associate with success.  In fact, you could say that if your aim or purpose was to learn to speak a new language, (and you achieved that goal) then you accomplished your purpose, and yes, you were successful!


Here’s the unfortunate part for many people, they will begin 2014 with no aim and no purpose.  Oh sure, many people will have some vaguely crafted ideas of what they want this New Year to bring, but nothing transferred to paper by pen.  Without written goals, you’re aim will be off.  I love what Zig Ziglar always said, “You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have.” 

Arrow target split 400 clr 13305


So here’s the “BIG” secret (that you probably already knew) to achieving success in 2014.  Have some goals, put them on paper, and look at those goals everyday!  By doing this, you will have a clear written purpose, and something to aim for!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year, and Best of Luck to you in 2014! – John Mayfield, The Business Tech Guy!



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There is Really No Excuse!

BicycleYesterday while my wife and I were making our daily jog/walk at our local state park, we were stopped by an 81 year “young” man.  He was on a brand new bicycle he had purchased just minutes earlier at a local retail store.  This joyful and excited fellow stopped to ask us a few questions about the 12 mile bike trail.  We were probably about a mile from the parking lot, so we knew he had just started his journey on this bright shinny new ride.  He told us that this was his first time to be back on a bicycle in over 50 years.  He laughed and peddled on saying he thought he was getting back into the swing of riding.

Wow, what an adventurous person I thought.  Here is a guy that is 81, and instead of sitting at home thinking up excuses on why he can’t, shouldn’t or never would get out to ride a bike again, he’s out and off to make the best of a new day!

Let me ask you this question:  Why do some people keep going in life, while others decide to give up and throw in the towel?   In reality, age probably has nothing to do with what we choose to do in life.  Sure, health can prohibit us from many opportunities, yet we still seem to hear and see stories of people running marathons with artificial legs, terminal illnesses and more.  I think the bottom line to living life to its fullest, is having the right attitude.

Read what one Online Dictionary has to say about attitude:

A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.

Are you settled in your way of thinking?  Do you feel like your attitude is keeping you from achieving all that life has to offer you?  If so, there is GOOD news!  It’s not too late to change and you can go out and purchase that new shinny bicycle today, and learn to ride all over again.  But first, it must start with you.  You have to change your attitude to an “I can, and I will achieve these goals and dreams I have for my life!”

I challenge you to begin forming new ways of thinking, and to live life like that 81 year “young” man is living my wife and I met this week.  He reminded both my wife and myself that there really are no excuses.

I would love to hear what helps you keep a positive attitude.  Please feel free to post a comment to this blog.  I’m sure many readers would love to hear your input, including me.  Thanks for reading my blog today.

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Don’t Quit!

Don't QuitOn April 13th, 1954 two rookie baseball players made their first major league appearance.  One ballplayer was from the Milwaukee Braves while the other one played for the Cincinnati Reds.  The Cincinnati Reds player had a record hitting five doubles to help his team beat the braves 9 to 8.  The rookie for Milwaukee made five separate appearances to bat during the game and never did reach base.  0 for 5 was not an impressive outing for the new rookie, and especially for his first baseball game in the major leagues.


So who are these two baseball players?  The rookie for the Reds who had the five doubles and helped his team win the game is named Jim Greengrass.  Have you ever heard of Mr. Greengrass?  Chances are you probably have not.  He started off with a bang during his first two years but quickly faded away due to an illness of phlebitis.  The other ballplayer who showed such a disappointing opening day as a rookie player for the Milwaukee Braves went on to do amazing things, including one of the all-time homerun record holder’s.  Yes, you guessed it; his name is Henry, “Hank” Aaron. 


Now that you know the details from that early spring day in 1954, can you draw some inspiration from what happened during that ballgame?  What if Henry Aaron based his baseball career on that one dreadful day he had?  What if his coach had used that performance and told him he was not cut out to be a professional baseball player?  Had Henry Aaron judged his ability and career on that one performance, he may have never achieved the success he reached later in his life.


Judging yourself on one certain event or even a string of events is never good to do.  Just like that ballgame from April 13th 1954, it cannot or should not be a molding point for your future.  Learn from your mistakes, study and analyze what you should do next time to avoid such problems.  Always remind yourself to never quit, and to never base your future abilities on what has happened today.


The next time you have a bad day, tell yourself 0 for 5 is not that bad.  In the long haul, it might just be a record setting career for you!


I don’t want people to forget Babe Ruth.  I just want them to remember Henry Aaron.

    – Henry (Hank) Aaron

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Are You Holding on to Excess Luggage?


Have you ever taken a trip by airplane, only to arrive home and watch everyone pick up their luggage from the baggage claim area but you?  It’s kind of a sick feeling, especially if it’s late at night and you’re ready to head home from a long day of traveling.

Letting go of “stuff” can be a difficult and challenging obstacle for all of us.  After all, it’s our stuff, and when it’s gone or we believe something has happened to it, we begin to panic.  Some stuff folks carry around with them is more than just “material stuff.”  It’s mental garbage, and it can do enormous damage if you don’t let go of it.  In fact, I recently read a story about an elderly man who was arrested for carrying out a criminal act on someone else.  This man had been holding a grudge with him since high school according to the news article.

It just goes to show that some luggage might serve us good to get lost once in awhile, and permanently at that.  Some of us (me included) carry a lot of excess baggage with us that we need to dump!  Let’s face it, there are some things everyone must let go of.

So let me give you four ways to help you get rid of unnecessary luggage you might be carrying around.

  1. Evaluate the luggage that is pre-occupying your mind or thought process throughout the day.  What are you thinking about most of the time?  What consumes your thought process?  How do you see yourself when you meditate on where your life is going?  If it’s negative stuff, then it’s luggage you need to lose!  One way to help you get rid of those pre-occupying thoughts is to write out a positive affirmation on an index card.  Take the card with you and each time you begin to think about the negative luggage, read your positive affirmation.  Figure out ways to deflect the negative thinking that will sometimes overtake your thought process.
  2. Take time to be thankful for the positive or good things going on right now in your life.  Remember, things could always be worse.  My Mother was the Queen of this statement (and still is).  Anytime I thought the world was caving in, my Mother would always have this earth shattering example of how things could be worse.  Believe me, after hearing her story/example of what things might look like, I would always feel better.
  3. Be willing to let go.  It’s easy to want to hang on to old habits, thoughts or continue to host our own pitty party regularly, but the end result is excess luggage you have to take along each day.  Ask yourself, is this really the luggage I want to carry with me today?
  4. And finally, think about what life will be like when you let go and leave the luggage holding you back behind.  What would you rather be thinking about today, negative thoughts or positive outcomes?

I’ve carried my share of junk (luggage) for the past few years, and it’s no fun.  I also realize it’s easier said than done, but carrying around luggage that does not benefit you or help you move toward your goals will slow you down.  It’s best for all of us to learn ways we can get rid of mental luggage that we do not need.

So let me ask you.  What ways and ideas do you have for helping people get rid of their excess luggage that is mentally weighing them down?  I would love to hear you input.  – John Mayfield

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I Know Something Good is Going to Happen Out of This


SunRecently while visiting a friend in the hospital in St. Louis I overheard a woman in the hallway talking to her son about her health.  Although I was not listening intentionally, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to hear her comments to her son,

“I just know something good is going to happen out of this!” 

Wow, although this may not have much of an impact to some folks, it caught me off guard and made me realize how fortunate I was to be in such good health.  If you can visualize with me a moment the condition and state of this fragile sixty (plus/minus) age woman.  Her frail and ill looking face, a crutch under one arm to stabilize her body as she walked down the hallway, and her son helping her along with a look of gloom and despair.  Even he had swollen eyes from his tears and a questioning face as to what the future may hold for his Mother whom he dearly loved.  You could tell from their appearance that they did not have a lot of money, and coupled with all of the other burdens and pressures they faced on a day to day basis, this was another tragic situation for their struggle to survive. 

As I passed by this mother and son in the hallway I had to stop and ponder to myself what a positive and encouraging outlook she had on life.  I couldn’t help but wonder how she could be so strong and supporting for her son (and herself) knowing she was facing one of life’s toughest difficulties.  Most of her hair gone and undoubtedly knowing that her life’s journey was in question due to her illness, yet, she still found a way to smile big and to encourage her son by saying “I just know something good is going to happen out of this!” How many times do I remind myself “something good is going to happen out of this?”  Instead, I often neglect to think positive and host a good ole’ fashion pity party for myself.  This woman taught me a valuable lesson that day that I hope I’ll never forget.


As you go throughout today’s work and you begin to think about some of the troubles and trials that are in your own life, remember the encouraging words I overheard in the hospital.  Remind yourself that life is short.  Always look at the positive side of troubles trials and tribulations.  Take time today to write a note and tell someone how proud you are to call them a friend or that you’re thinking of them.  Stop by and visit a loved one that you have not seen for a while.  Most of all, regardless of any difficulty in your life, tell yourself, “I know something good is going to happen out of all of this!” 

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Mrs. Matkin

As I write this blog I am 48 years old. Nearly 39 years ago I had a teacher in elementary school named Mrs. Matkin. She seemed so old and ancient at the time I had her in school. Mrs. Matkin couldn’t walk fast, her hair had turned gray and her face looked worn and exhausted from her countless years of teaching fourth grade students. Although I cannot remember every detail about what Mrs. Matkin wore on a day to day basis, I can say I remember her always looking her best. But what I remember most about Mrs. Matkin is how she treated her students. Mrs. Matkin played no favorites, never talked down to you as a child, and always showed care and compassion for her clients (fourth grade children). She worked with you if you had trouble reading, showed the math problem again on the board, and she listened to you when you had a long winded story to tell. Mrs. Matkin cared!

It’s funny to think back on your life and know you had a broad number of teachers scattered across your educational career and only remember a handful of their names. I cannot recall numerous college professors’ names, but I can recall and remember Mrs. Matkin.

What kind of impression are you leaving to those around you today? Will you be an example that others will cherish and carry with them throughout their life, or will you be just another face that blends in with thousands of others who left no impression in that persons history? Will you be a boss that employees acknowledge as someone who listened and cared and went to bat for his colleagues whenever they needed a helping hand? Will you be the employee who makes a difference in the organization and others wonder how they will ever do without you? Will you be a Mrs. Matkin?

I’ll always remember the love and kindness Mrs. Matkin showed to me as a child growing up in my hometown. I don’t know if Mrs. Matkin ever realized how her genuine character left an imprint for people like me to carry on for many years to come, and hopefully now to pass on to others for many more years. I’m sure she wondered at times why she was teaching school to a bunch of kids who never listened and were concerned more about the next recess or lunchtime than learning to read and write. I’m sure she questioned and wondered, but I’m glad she hung in there to continue her mission and gift to me and so many other boys and girls my age. To that I say “thank you” Mrs. Matkin! I hope my life as yours will make a difference in someone’s life today like Mrs. Matkin did.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

– Scott Raymond Adams (1957– ) US cartoonist, created comic strip “Dilbert” 1989

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