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Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Blog

Okay, so blogging has been around for some time now and most real estate agents have set through a social networking or blogging session, so[...]

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Don’t Quit!

Remember in school when you were required to run laps for Physical Education, or had to perform a certain number of exercises to complete an[...]

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How Adult Learners Learn

I’ve been reading a lot about how adult learners learn lately, and one thing is for sure, everyone learns differently! This last week I developed[...]

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Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Blog – Part II

In my first blog post about this subject I noted that I felt the main reason real estate agents do not blog is because they[...]

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70% of the Agents Are Gone!

I remember hearing one of my favorite golfers, Tom Watson comment about his joy for playing golf in the rain. Tom said that he liked[...]

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REALTOR® Associations and Brokerage Offices Need to Go Green!

“Go Green” seems to be the new buzz words in almost every industry. Green homes, green office environments, green living and more! Yet, many REALTOR®[...]

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Yesterday my real estate company decided to have a roundtable discussion on ways to generate more sales. We talked about everything from lease/purchase transactions to[...]

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Shame on you Judy!

The following is from a new book I am working on tentatively entitled “Your Daily Business Coach.”  I would be interested to know how many[...]

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Mrs. Matkin

As I write this blog I am 48 years old. Nearly 39 years ago I had a teacher in elementary school named Mrs. Matkin. She[...]

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