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Posts made in August, 2017

Real Estate Exam Test Taking Tips From Global Real Estate School – Episode 030

Have a strategy for passing the real estate exam in your state.  Listen to our Podcast to find out more with John Mayfield and Global Real Estate School.

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Can you solve this real estate math problem? Episode 029

If a purchaser paid $3,000 for one square mile and five acres, how much did they pay for the property?  Find out on episode 029 from Global Real Estate School.


$3,000 X 645 = $1,935,000

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Episode 028 – What is the difference between Race and National Origin?

Sometimes it’s challenging to answer questions from Fair Housing, especially the difference between race and national origin?  Find out the difference on today’s podcast.

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Find Out More About Global Real Estate School – Episode 027

In this episode, find out a little bit about Global Real Estate School and why our school is different than the competition.  

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What is Blockbusting? Episode 026

Do you know what “blockbusting,” also called “panic peddling is?”  Find out on today’s podcast.

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Test Your Real Estate Knowledge With This Fair Housing Question – Episode 024

How well do you know the Fair Housing Laws?  Listen to Global Real Estate School’s latest podcast to find out more.

A Three story apartment complex built in 1965 does not meet with the handicapped access provisions for the 1988 Fair Housing Act. The owner must:

A.  Make the ground floor handicapped accessible

B.  Make the first and second floors assessable

C.  Make the entire building assessable

D.  The owner doesn’t have to comply since it’s less than four stories


Listen to the podcast to find out the correct answer.

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