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Posts made in July, 2017

General Agent vs. Special Agent – Real Estate Exam Help

What’s the difference between a general agent and a special agent?  Find out on our latest Global Real Estate School Podcast.

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What Type of Agency is a Typical Real Estate Listing or Buyers Agency Called?

Do you know what type of agency is created under a normal real estate listing or buyers contract?  Find out on today’s podcast with John Mayfield, school administrator and instructor for Global Real Estate School.

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Sample Real Estate Agency Exam Question – Episode 021

What is a Fiduciary?

A – Principal

B – Agent

C – Mortgage

D – Escrow Account


Find out the answer on today’s Podcast – Episode 021

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Using Care Under Your Agency Relationship as a Real Estate Professional – Episode 020

In this episode (020) we discuss the duty of “care” owed to your client in a real estate transaction.  

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Who is the Real Estate Agent Loyal to in a Real Estate Transaction?

On today’s podcast we are going to look at “loyalty” under the agency relationship between a real estate agent and their client.

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What does a real estate agent owe their client in a real estate transaction? Episode 018

Have you ever wanted to know what a real estate agent actually owes a client under an agency agreement?  Join us for episode 018 to find out this question about an agency relationship.

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Real Estate Agency by Actions – Is This Possible? Episode 017 on Ostensible Agency

Can a real estate agent ever create an agency through their actions?  Find out on our latest Podcast about Ostensible Agency, and how it applies to the real estate industry.

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Is a Career in Real Estate Right For You? Find out on Episode 016

In this Podcast, John shares his story from when he got a real estate license and what a career in real estate means to him.  

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How Much of Your Payment Goes Toward Interest, and How Much Will Reduce your Loan Balance? Episode 015

Find out how to calculate the PITI on your monthly mortgage payment on this episode of the Global Real Estate School Podcast – Episode 015

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