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Are You Following the Recipe to Success?

(Transcribed from audio Podcast) – Hi, I’m John Mayfield, “The Business Tech Guy” with your podcast for today on leadership and encouragement. Yes, I go by the Business Tech Guy, I love technology, but also love leadership, encouragement and motivating others in their business and personal lives. So on today’s podcast I want to ask you a question, are you following the recipe? That’s right, are you following the recipe to success? And I bring this up because I’m listening to a wonderful MP3 audiobook now by the author Jack Canfield, on goal setting and how to change your life and do some interesting things. And what I find fascinating about this book is that it’s the same stuff I’ve heard over and over and over again. And that’s no disrespect to Jack Canfield; he’s a great author. He created the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and this is a wonderful audiobook, but there’s nothing really new that I haven’t heard before. That’s really kind of the way life is. It is really just a lot of the same things that are given to us over and over again. Yet while listening to this book from Jack Canfield, and the stories that he tells about people and things they have been doing to find success and achieve their dreams and reach their goals, things that I need to be doing daily in my own life to achieve success. Even though I’ve heard these principles many, many times before. The light bulb finally went off in my head while listening to this audio recording. There is a recipe for success, and the recipe is right here in front of me!

The ingredients I need, for example, to visualize success. I’ve heard the story of Jack Nicholas visualizing the ball going onto the green many times before. I have heard the stories of how Olympic athletes have visualized winning the gold medal and standing on the platform rehearsing and going over it time and time again.

I know that writing your goals down are important. I have heard many people tell me that reading positive affirmations on a daily basis is so important, but yet I have chosen to not really follow the recipe.

I don’t know about you, and how you feel about this statement, but we can achieve success in our lives if we will just take the time to study the ingredients, and use the ingredients in the recipe that the instructions call for.

That’s why I titled today’s podcast ”Are you following the Recipe to Success?” Because there are several recipes out there for success, they all really more or less contain the same ingredients, we just have to find the ingredients that work in our lives, and most importantly, apply those ingredients to the recipe. By doing this, we too can find success!
Several months ago I was listening to an MP3 from the National Speakers Association, and I heard a gentleman on this audio recording explain that when he decided he wanted to become a professional speaker, he knew that he needed to hang around other speakers, and learn and listen to what they were doing as successful speakers, and apply those same principles in his life. Basically he said on this audio recording, and what really pressed upon me, is that if you’re going to fish, you need to hang around other fishermen. And he said, “that’s why I decided I needed to be involved in the National Speakers Association. If I wanted to be a professional speaker, I needed to hang around other successful professional speakers.”

Thank you Jack Canfield for a wonderful audiobook that has reminded me that there is a recipe for success, and even though I’ve heard many times over the ingredients that you have shared with me in your audiobook, it has helped me understand and realize that I need to use those ingredients each and every day. If I follow the instructions to the recipe, I too will achieve my dreams and goals. Most importantly, and why I’m doing this podcast today, is for you the listener. The ingredients are out there for you, the same recipe that I can use and Jack Canfield used, and many others have used is available for you too.

I hope and encourage you to read the recipe, use the ingredients, follow the instructions, and I know and hope you will achieve your dreams and goals!

As always, thanks for listening to the podcast, I hope you have a great day, and be sure and sign up for my two-minute tech tips You can also sign up for coaching there and many other items. And if you like the encouragement and motivational aspect of my business, be sure and sign up for the podcast, you can get these recordings regularly as well.

If you need a motivational speaker or a technology speaker, keep me in mind, (John Mayfield) you can reach me

Again, thanks for listening, go out make it a great day, follow the recipe, use the ingredients, and as Zig Ziglar would always tell us, will both see each other at the top

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