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Posts made in November, 2014

What’s Your Message?

Recently I listened to a speaker explain his theory about the difference between a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill.  According to this presenter, the only difference between the two pieces of paper is the message!  Wow, what an interesting thought, and oh, how true.  Think about that statement for a moment, because it applies to anyone in sales.  Especially real estate professionals.  The only difference between your presentation and your competitors presentation is your message.

Your Message

Let me ask  you this question.  What is the message you are presenting to consumers?  Are you using a visual presentation, or do you opt to try and verbally win your business?  Are you preparing a CMA for potential seller/clients when you discuss pricing?  Do buyers fully understand every step of the home-buying process?  As you can quickly discover from just a few questions asked, there are many situations that real estate agents deliver a message to consumers.

How can you deliver a better message as a real estate professional?  I have listed three quick reminders for you to consider the next time you are in front of a potential client.

First, have a visual presentation ready.  Today, real estate agents can utilize technology for delivering an effective message.  Consider creating a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation about yourself and your company and some of the key characteristics that make you different.  Remember to show proof in how you are a $100 bill, not just a dollar bill.  Also, learn to use your tablet or notebook computer to deliver this newly created message. Remember, visuals can help you tell the story better than words alone.

Second, use an effective CMA, (Comparative Market Analysis) or other reporting system.  Most of the agents in your local board probably use the same old MLS printouts when pricing a property for a consumer.  Consider using a system like the new REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) CMA reporting feature for your next listing appointment.  The reporting features are incredible, and you will be one up on the competition if they are not using this product.  By the way, as a member of then National Association of REALTORS®, RPR is FREE (or I should say included) with your annual NAR dues.  It’s a great product, and I have used it to explain my message to win a lot of business this past year.

Finally, be different!  Whatever road you decide to go down in presenting to consumers, be different!  Remember, are you delivering a one dollar message, or is your message worth $100?  Try some new creative strategies to set yourself apart, and to win the business away from the competition.  After all, being different is memorable!  If you’re not memorable, (in a good way) you won’t last long in this business.

What’s my next step?  Would you like to learn more about delivering the right message to your consumers, and how you can win that next listing presentation?  If so, join me, John Mayfield for a FREE Coaching Webcast on Wednesday, December 17th at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time.  My next coaching Webcast is titled, “How to Deliver a Winning Listing Presentation.”  I’ll show you some of my tips and strategies for delivering a winning presentation.  Click here to sign up for the coaching Webcast, and YES, it’s FREE, and I promise you it’s not a one-hour sales pitch.  My philosophy is to give, and you shall receive.  All of my coaching Webcasts are packed with practical information that you can use and apply in your business.  I want you to save time, and become more productive with the latest technology tools.  Sign up here, space is limited.

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New way to read faster and retain more information

If you’re looking for a new solution to read faster, and comprehend more information, check out this application from Spritz.  It’s very cool.  By the way, I use it all the time!


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Looking for my NAR PowerPoint?

If you are looking for my NAR PowerPoint (2014 Annual Conference), please click the NAR 2014 link above.  Thanks for visiting my Website, and be sure and sign up for my weekly coaching calls!  (Sign up for Coaching Calls Here)

All the best, John

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