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Posts made in August, 2014

Virtual Training Workshop – The Secret of Making Your Website More Profitable

In case you missed the Virtual Training Workshop, here is the recording. Also, if you want to get enroll in the coaching series that begins next week, please visit the “Store” link above, and click on the coaching product.




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Technology Coaching Offer

GoToWebinar Final Logo aIf you joined my Virtual Coaching today, thank’s for attending.  Here is the “special offer” I provided everyone during the virtual training workshop.  Hurry, this offer is only good through tonight, 8/21/14, 11:59 PM.  Also, space is very limited, so please sign up today to reserve your spot!

Virtual Coaching begins Thursday, Sept. 28th, 4-5 PM.  We will meet every Thursday through Sept. 18th, 4-5 PM.

Note, if you cannot attend the coaching calls, all information will be recorded so you can re-watch 24/7, 365 days a year.


If you’re ready to take your technology marketing to the next level, then these coaching calls are for you!  Best of all, you can ask John for specialized help on any technology problems you currently have.  John will help you with specific solutions and ways to accomplish your needed tasks.  This is the reason there are only a few spots available.  QUICK, SIGN UP NOW, the offer ends tonight at midnight!

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Simplify Your Life With Today’s Technology Tools

TextExpander copy

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a technology speaker and trainer, show some really cool tools (at least I think I do), and try to always be on the lookout for the latest time saving tips, tricks and ways to save time and make more money.  Unfortunately, I have good intentions but the wheels can move slowly in adopting and adapting when you have so many items on your plate.  I purchased a program called “Text Expander” several months ago, show it in my seminars, (people love it) but had not devoted the time to implement this really cool time saver.  That is until this week.  I kept finding myself doing the same tasks over and over, and realized I needed to stop the insanity!  This week I began implementing the software with common typing tasks I found myself repeating over and over, and I must say, WOW!  

I won’t bore you with all the details and how great this program is, because they have a wonderful Website and by taking a little time you can save yourself a lot of typing repeated tasks you might come across each and every day.  

Check it out at or my recent 2-Minute Tech Tip to find out how this great software works.

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