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Give Me 5 Days, And I’ll Show You The Money – Using Today’s Technology…

That’s right, by signing up for my 5 one hour Webinars, I’ll show you some “AMAZING” new ways to put your real estate career in technology overdrive!   These sessions show you “step-by-step” on how to use and implement the programs in your business!  It’s delivered at a comfortable pace so EVERYONE learns!  Sign Up Here

Join me, John Mayfield, the “Real Estate Tech Guy” for a BRAND NEW SERIES of Webinars on how to make more money and save time using today’s technology – Sign Up Here

Time is money and effective use of technology buys you time! This “must-attend” real estate Webinar Series showcases the newest products and applications for real estate professionals, including:

*    iPad Apps

*    Video ideas

*    Presentation ideas

*    Short-Cuts to save you time

*    Tips on blogging

*    Facebook Tips

*    How to Build Your LinkedIn Presence

*    Target marketing ideas

*    And much more

You’ll learn how to use and implement today’s current technology tools in your business.  I’ll also cover an entire section on GOOGLE tools to advertise, market yourself and more.  Plus, you can ask John for help with specific technology needs you have at anytime during the Webinars.  It’s 5 days of learning and coaching with John Mayfield, The Real Estate Tech Guy! Sign Up Here!

You MUST attend this BRAND NEW series of Webinars or you’ll miss out on some great ways to GROW your business!  Why keep banging your head against the wall, working long hours, and not seeing the results you want from real estate?   Sign up and attend these Webinars, and I’ll help change your business life to something you ENJOY!  Sign Up Here!

Learn from International Speaker technology guru, and Best-Selling Real Estate Author John Mayfield for five days of fascinating technology training: Sign Up Here!

Every Tuesday Afternoon in July (beginning July 9th), 4-5 PM, C.S.T. – But don’t worry if you cannot attend a session, you can always watch at a later time at your convenience.

(All sessions are recorded so you can watch 24/7, 365 days a year!)

Sign Up Here!