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Posts made in June, 2012

Idea for Building Your Facebook Fan Page

Here’s a clever and interesting way to build you Facebook Fan Page with FanBridge.  FanBridge lets you build your audience and stay in touch.  Here’s what their Web site says about the product.

Whether you’re an artist, musician, athlete, actor, small business owner or a large brand, you want more people to not only know who you are, but love everything you do. To grow your business, you’ll need to get more fans, consistently put your message in front of them wherever they are, and give them a reason to come back for more.

The FanBridge platform consists of the best tools available to help you achieve all of these to successfully build a loyal fan base. Whether you’re starting with zero or a million, our tools will help you get more fans faster and keep them with you for the long haul.


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Sales Meetings = Leadership

It’s true, sales meetings can have an important impact on your team, especially when the sales meetings have good, quality content!  Unfortunately, many managers and team leaders tend to neglect preparing for their meetings, believing that it’s no big deal, just another meeting, and yes, I’ll cover the same old basic stuff.  Well guess what, you’re team members don’t want the same old stuff, and down deep, everyone needs a little motivating and encouragement.  Heck, as I’m writing this blog, I need some motivation myself.


So how should you look at your weekly or regular sales meeting, and how can you prepare for the meeting so that everyone gets something out of it?  Here are a few tips in this first part of “Sales Meeting” ideas and preparations to motivate your team:


First, carry a note pad with you to jot down ideas.  Sometimes when we’re driving in our car, exercising or just sitting in our favorite chair, a GREAT idea comes your way.  Unfortunately if you don’t jot that idea down, you’ll probably lose it.  By writing ideas down in your note book for the week, you will easily remember to cover all your ideas, (new and old) during your meeting.


Second, prepare an agenda.  Agree or not, most sales meetings will run smoother and better if you have a typed agenda ready to distribute to your team.  Agenda’s help keep you on schedule, and create the road map for your topics to cover.  It’s also good to set a time limit on each topic so that your team knows how long you expect to stay on this topic.  If you begin to go over on time, wrap it up when appropriate, and tell your team that you can cover more of this next week.  If it’s something that  needs more attention today, finish the topic, and move something else less pressing to next week.  Agenda’s will be one of the best tools you can implement to your sales meetings, so take the time to prepare an agenda!


Finally, (for today’s blog) think in terms of stories and illustrations!  People learn and remember better if they can relate your topic or subject to a story or illustration.  Personal stories work great, and by using an effective story you can help your audience remember the point for a longer period of time.  Remember, it’s about short-term and long-term memory.  We place items in our brain on the basis of when to recall and those get further classified by “will I need this later or not?”  For example, one sales meeting I did that had a lasting impact was using a wastebasket and strips of paper.  I had the group write down clients names on strips of paper from the last six to twelve months.  After they finished writing down their clients names, I walked around the room with the wastebasket and explained that if they had not called their past client in the last sixty days they had to put the slip of paper in the wastebasket.  Sadly, most of the folks in the room had to discard their slips of paper.  I finished by telling a story of myself driving down a street and noticing a listing that was with another company.  Yes, I had sold that home, and yes again, I had not stayed in touch with them.  My story and illustration was much more effective to my team than just explaining that they should stay in touch with their past clients.


I’ll share more tips and ideas with my next blog, but in the meantime, if you need meeting ideas, check out our CD-ROM. It’s packed with lot’s of meetings, ideas, handouts and Power Point slide shows to help you save time and look professional!


Remember, sales meetings do reflect your leadership as a manager or team leader.  Take the time to prepare for your next sales meeting, and remember, your team members are watching!


If you need a speaker for an upcoming event on sales meetings or technology, keep me in mind, I would love to come speak to your group.

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Interesting Business Card Idea

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