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Web Site of the Week – FIVERR

Do you need someone to make tough decisions for you? How about lifting weights and then screaming? Okay, enough with the silly stuff[...]

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Book of the Week – “Sway”

Recently we have seen plenty of irrational behavior, whether in politics or the world of finance. What makes people act irrationally? In a timely but[...]

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Web Site of the Week – Obeo (Virtual Staging)

Using the latest 3D rendering technologies, we are able to take a photo of an empty room and then fill it full of beautiful furniture[...]

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FREE Webinar Playback

If you missed my “Working in the Cloud” Webinar, you can watch it here.  Click this link to watch a FREE Webinar from John Mayfield.[...]

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Book Recommendation – Prescription for Excellence

My friend Joseph Michelli recently published a new book entitled "Prescription for Excellence," and is the number one selling book on Amazon for business books.[...]

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Web Site of the Week –

If you're using YouTube or producing other videos regularly, and need help remembering what to say, try this cool and easy to use "teleprompter" software.[...]

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