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Web Site of the Week – Creating a Placemark in Google Earth

If you have not worked with placemarks and Google Earth, you should consider checking out this Web Page from Google Earth. Very interesting. [...]

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Book Recommendation – Mentored By a Millionaire

I have enjoyed reading Steven K. Scott's books, especially this one, Mentored by a Millionaire. Here's the excerpt from Barnes and Noble: You’ve been taught[...]

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Augmented Reality – It’s Already Here!

So what will the latest and greatest "technology" we can look forward to in the future? Sure, tablet and pad computing are big, and[...]

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New HP Printers Now Connected to the Cloud!

Okay, I must admit, I've owned and operated the HP 8500 A Plus e-Print Printer for about a year now, and had no idea that[...]

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Good Tool to Help Build a Database of Prospects in Your Market Area

Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes vast quantities of white-pages listings, social information, and other people-related data from a large variety of public[...]

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