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Posts made in April, 2011

My Book Recommendations (January – April) 2011

My Book Recommendations (January – April) 2011

What I have read or currently reading….

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ClikBrix – Turnkey Solution for QR Codes…

Last week during my QR Code Webinar, we discussed many “free” solutions for generating and implementing QR Codes as a business professional.  You can access the handout I included for the participants here.  However, I realize many people do not have the time or want to learn a new process or program, and prefer to have a “turn key” solution for generating their QR Codes.  Here’s an interesting Web Site I wanted to share with you called, ClikBrix.

Read what ClikBrix’s Web Site has to say about their product.


Clikbrix is a turnkey QR Code and Mobile Web solution that enables REALTORS® and Brokerages to instantly link prospective buyers from static ‘For Sale’ signs (and all print collateral) to stunning property details–that fit in the palm of their hand! Check out ClikBrix if you have an interest in a “full” service QR Code system.

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What’s Your Twitter Score?

Yes, beleive it or not, your Twitter account has a “grade” associated with it, indicating how influential you are on Twitter.  As their Web site indicates, Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded.

Just enter your twitter username (password not needed) and you’ll get an instant grade and report.  It’s easy.    And, it’s FREE.  Check it out here.

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Is Facebook and Twitter to Blame for the Death of Customer Service?

media_icon_dislike_1600_clr_9164Excuse me, but wasn’t technology designed to save us time and help us become more profitable?  I remember my first word processing program I used, (First Choice) and when I was able to perform a simple mail merge with names and addresses from a database to my word processing document, I was blown away!  Finally, I could easily and quickly send letters to stay in touch with clients and customers regularly.  It was GREAT!  However, as time has continued to move forward, and new mechanism’s like e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you would think that positive customer service would be at an all time high.  Unfortunately, (at least in my observation) it’s gotten worse.  Case in point:  My wife and I are looking for a new church to attend in our community.  While visiting one new church, we were greeted somewhat warmly by the folks there, but after our visit nothing else happened.  No calls, no e-mail, not even a postcard or letter thanking us for attending the service.  What’s odd, is that I completed a card and willingly gave the church all of our contact information.  Strangely, this is not the only church who has failed to utilize today’s technology tools to follow-up and reach out to us after we have visited their services.


But it even goes beyond a simple House of Worship.  In the last week I have sent e-mails (on more than one occasion) to people and businesses with no reply.  Not even a simple, “thanks for your inquiry John, we will review your information and get back to you shortly.”  Nope, not one response from four different individuals and three different companies.  Maybe we’re all just so overloaded with work that we cannot respond to our e-mails we receive, or perhaps it’s a time management thing.  The funny thing is, you can watch many of these same individuals post updates to their Facebook wall, or take the time to check in at their favorite dining spot.  And to this day, if you ask most real estate sellers (the industry I am associated with) what their biggest complaint is during the home-selling process, they will tell you that it’s a lack of communication from their agent.


Please don’t misuderstand me, I’m really not trying to whine, but I am concerned that we have become a society of technology junkies, and yet fail to remember what an excellent vehicle technology can be for staying in touch with clients and customers.  I don’t know if Facebook and Twitter can be the blame of this downfall in customer service, but I hope busiensses and others will begin to see the light, and figure out a way to stay in touch with people reguarly, tell them thanks for attending a service and more.  To me, the company, church, organization who can figure this out and implement it will win.  After all, it’s easy to beat your competition if no one else is doing it.


Your thoughts are welcome on this subject….

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Google Fast Flip

Recently I was introduced to FlipBoard, a social magazine for the iPad. Wow, what a cool and interesting application for the iPad. While looking this over, I noticed that Google is so impressed with the FlipBoard, that they too are developing a method to search and review information in the FlipBoard format. Check out the Google Fast Flip and see for yourself.

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Google URL Shortener – Helps Track Your Marketing Efforts

Here’s a new “how to” video I created about the Google URL Shortner.



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SugarSync – Online Storage Option

Have you heard of SugarSync?  It works like DropBox, GoogleDocs and other online storage platforms.  Here’s what their Web Site has to say about SugarSync:


Reasons You’ll Love SugarSync

Secure, Automatic Data Protection

As you work, your files are continuously backed up to your secure, personal SugarSync website using SSL encryption. Once in our servers, all data is then encrypted with 128-bit AES. Learn More

Anywhere, Anytime Access

If you’ve got an Internet connection or a smart phone, you’ve got a mobile office. So take your BlackBerry to Bangkok, open your laptop in London – or just stop by an Internet café in Culver City. Wherever you go, your files will be waiting for you. Learn More

Sync Without Limits

With SugarSync, you can sync as many computers and mobile devices as you want on a single account — and changes saved on one computer are instantaneously synced among the rest. Learn More

Seamless Collaboration

Easily send files of any size to anyone, from anywhere. We’ll save your file versions and make sure the right data goes to the right team member, and they can send back an updated document in just a few clicks. Learn More

File Versioning

Have you ever saved over a document and immediately wished you hadn’t? With SugarSync, we’ll save, sync and back up the five latest versions of any given file — automatically. In a tough spot, it can be a real lifesaver. Learn More

Enjoy Your Photos and Music On the Go

We know there’s more to life (and backup) than work. That’s why SugarSync automatically organizes your photos into online albums for viewing and sharing, and allows you to stream your music limitlessly to any browser or iPhone. Learn More

Cross-Platform Functionality

You can use SugarSync on any modern version of Mac (including Snow Leopard) as well as any Windows operating system. Learn More

Customer Phone Support – Business Account

Our professional customer support agents can answer any questions you have about our Business service, from setup to setting storage limits. The call is free and it’s open to all Business Account administrators. Learn More

Administrative Control – Business Account

Our powerful administrative tools make it easy to customize your account, enable or disable users, and set storage limits for all your employees. And with pooled storage and centralized billing, keeping your whole company in sync is simpler than ever. Learn More

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QR Code Webinar – FREE

As requested, I am planning to offer a QR Code Webinar, – How to Plan, Create and Market Using this New Technology, on Tuesday, April 12th, from 3-4 C.S.T.  (That’s 4 O’clock start time on the East Coast, 1:00 on the West Coast, and 10:00 P.M. for my friends in France).  Yes, it’s FREE!

Register for this FREE QR Code Webinar – Here

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Webinar Playback – Create Virtual Tours for FREE

Order the CD-ROM today – Plus, get four other GREAT Webinars for 1/2 Price!  Click Here!


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Effective Sales Meetings, Not Wasteful Sales Meetings…

How much do your sales meetings cost you each time you hold one?  Believe it or not, your meetings have a value, and understanding this value can help you be mindful to make the most of your time with your team.  Check out to discover just what the cost of you sales meeting is.  It’s fascinating to discover what your meetings are costing each and every time you get together.

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