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Tech Tips Now Available for iPhone and iPad – Real Estate Tech Guy

This Week's Video Tip is from a new series of videos on Microsoft Outlook. Today's feature is tip #1. Pleasae note, this video[...]

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DaVinci Tour Sketch & The Tablet PC Can Win You More New Listings!

Wow, it's not often that I get "blown away" by new technology ideas for real estate agents, but when I do, I love it! [...]

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The Secret Tool for Real Estate Agents…

The Secret Tool for Putting Your Real Estate Business on Auto-Pilot to Make More Money – Tuesday March 1st, 7-8 PM (Chicago Time)… According to[...]

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How to Highlight Information with a Tablet PC

Using a Tablet PC as a real estate professional can offer you a lot of neat and cutting edge ways to grow your business. One[...]

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Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile with Real Estate Pro

It's a great way to expand your referral base, promote your listings, and announce your completed transactions from within LinkedIn. Check it out, and[...]

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Top 10 Technology Tools, Tips and Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2011

Recently I wrote about my top 10 real estate technology tools and tips that I feel are important for real estate agents to consider in[...]

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A product that I have used and very pleased with keeping all of my portable devices in-sync is "Syncables." It's very cost effective, and works[...]

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