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How to Set-Up a Drip Marketing E-Mail Campaign With Microsoft Outlook…

Here’s a solution to use Microsoft Outlook for your drip marketing campaigns with sellers and buyers.  It’s from, and it’s an add in for Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to set-up scheduled e-mails to a client, or a group of people.


Here’s what Sperry’s web site has to say about their product:


  • Sends emails on a regular basis
  • Send the message at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals
  • Allows attaching files or even entire folders
  • View the entire list of pending emails at a glance

Eliminate tedious repetitive email chores…schedule an automatic email that will go out at intervals that you define. Perfect for sending reminder email about accounting meetings, baseball game practices, or even upcoming birthdays.

You can also send individual files or send an entire folder. When the email gets sent, all files in that folder at the time of the sending are selected as attachments and sent to whatever email address you specify. Unlike using outlook templates which grab the attachment at the time the email template is created, this add-in grabs the attachment at the time the email is sent so that if changes are occurring on a regular basis, the most recent copies will be picked up and delivered. This feature is useful if you don’t know the name of the files that you need to send ahead of time.

For instance, one customer worked in a 911 call center. A brief description of each call was written up and placed into a folder that was picked up once a week by our add-in, and sent to the local newspapers. The add-in saved time by allowing the 911 operator to simply update a single file!

Add the Schedule Recurring Email add-in to your cart by selecting “Add To Cart” button above.

Sounds like a good solution to me for real estate professionals who need to stay in touch with buyers and sellers on a regular basis.  Check it out, it’s only $29,95, and available from