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Make and Receive Calls in GMail

Google Voice Blog shows how to make and receive calls in GMail.[...]

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Palm Pre and Other Palm Applications

If you're looking for an excellent web site to find applications for the Palm Pre, check out[...]

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Real Estate’s New Video

Yes, soon it will be a world of “streaming video” for real estate professionals.  Are you ready to begin broadcasting live?  Check out UStream where[...]

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Old Apps When New Apps Won’t Work…

Sometimes you have an app like iTunes that works great with your device or computer, only to find out that the latest upgraded app will[...]

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Want to get the Scoop on Cell Phones?

Check out – a great resource to get the latest scoop on any mobile phone.  Click here to visit web site. Subscribe to this[...]

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Internet Explorer Add-On Gallery

Personalize your internet experience with one of these cool add-on’s for your Microsoft Internet Web Browser. Click Here to visit web site.[...]

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Fabusend – Smart E-Mail Letterhead

Take your e-mail to a “whole new level” with this EXCELLENT product from Fabusend.  Click here to visit their web site.[...]

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Short-Sale Submission Requirements By Lender Web Site

This is a “GREAT” resource for learning more about short sales, and what each mortgage company requires for a short sale through their firm.  Thanks[...]

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Create a Cartoon of Yourself

Capture more attention with your marketing materials by incorporating a “cartoon” of yourself from My Web Face.  Click Here to visit the web site.[...]

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Microsoft Outlook Blog

There’s a handy blog from Microsoft to learn more about Microsoft 2010 Outlook.  This is an excellent resource to find out the in’s and out’s[...]

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