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Posts made in January, 2009

Brokers, Are Your Agents Using Your Tools?

As a long-time real estate broker and manager of numerous real estate agents, one of my biggest frustrations were seeing good quality tools and services I provided my team go unused. Unfortunately, many products and services offered by the real estate office, franchise organization or association go untapped by many associated with the firm. For example, in my company (RE/MAX affiliation) we have a wealth of tools and products available at our fingertips for “free” from RE/MAX Mainstreet. Sure, some of the agents use the tools, but many confide in me that they didn’t realize these services were available for them to use. Trust me, we tell them about the tools, and talk about them, but many still don’t get it.

Here’s my solution to this problem, and one you might want to consider. Use a video capture software such as Camtasia to demonstrate your cool products and tools and how your agents can find them and use them. I began doing this for our company, and I call these productions a part of our RE/MAX Best Choice Minute. I shoot a short video with me narrating one of our tools or products our agents can use for “free.” I then upload this video to our intranet, and blast an e-mail out to all of the agents with a link to the video. When completed, the agents can view a “short” (and that is the key) video about some of the tools we offer them as a part of affiliating with our team.

If you have some tools your agents are not utilizing like they should, try creating a quick video and promote your services and products you offer your agents on a weekly basis. For more information about how to use technology with your real estate career, visit my web site at, or, for help with your weekly sales meetings.

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