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Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Blog – Part II

In my first blog post about this subject I noted that I felt the main reason real estate agents do not blog is because they don’t know how to blog. As I teach social networking classes to other real estate professionals I am constantly reminded that most real estate professionals have no clue how to blog, where to blog and what to blog about. In my second point on “Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Blog,” I want to focus on the biggest blogging enemy of all, “time!”

Most Real Estate Agents Don’t Have Time

For most bloggers, trying to fit in an extra 15 or 30 minutes a day to blog can be a struggle. It’s been nearly three weeks since I last posted “reason #1” on why real estate agents don’t blog, and in all honesty I did not mean to wait so long to blog about point #2. So how do you combat the time issue and making yourself begin to write a short piece for your blog? Here are four ways I believe you can overcome the bloggers biggest enemy.

  1. Set an appointment to blog. It’s easy to “not” blog when it’s not a part of your schedule. Today, I made this blog post a task/appointment on my daily to do list. I had work to do at my Blueberry farm, an article to write for Hewlett Packard’s real estate newsletter, a sales meeting post and yes, a blog post! By placing the blog as an appointment or task on my daily schedule it now becomes a completed item, and time is no longer an enemy to my blogging.
  2. Short and Simple is Good. Don’t feel as though you have to write a long blog piece every time you sit down to blog. Short and to the point blogs are often very effective and good. Remember, you’re not writing a term paper for school, just a blog to help drive traffic to your web site, share your experience or network with a colleague. Short and simple is good and is easy to fit into your daily schedule.
  3. Buy a Digital Recorder. There are several good digital recorders on the market today where you can dictate your blog while you are traveling to and from appointments or the office and home. Many recorders will also transcribe your recording into a format where you can proof, edit and post, saving yourself valuable time.
  4. Avoid Writers Block. Sometimes when I sit down to write I get the infamous “writers block.” What do you do when that happens? Don’t sit there wasting valuable time, use your time to take a walk, exercise or read. Many times when I simply take a break from the computer I can free up the writer’s block and get my creative juices going again. So the next time you want to blog but just can’t come up with anything good, step back, take a break and come back to the blog later.

So don’t let time steal your valuable blogging opportunity. As Dion Boucicault once said, “Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.”

Watch for more blog posts on “why real estate agents don’t blog,” time permitting. J