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Why Real Estate Agents Don’t Blog

Okay, so blogging has been around for some time now and most real estate agents have set through a social networking or blogging session, so why don’t real estate agents embrace this new marketing tool? I believe there are five reasons real estate agents fail to blog regularly. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll address these five issues:

  1. Most real estate agents don’t know how to blog.

Where do I start? What do I write about? How can you make money blogging? These are just a few of the questions I hear at my real estate seminars, and for support of all of my colleagues out there, they are good and valid reasons. The main point to remember is that blogging is easy and blogging can indirectly make you money and help build a wider and more diverse network of potential buyers and sellers.

Where do you start?

Start by registering for a blog. There are many “free” web sites where you can set up an account and begin your blogging experience. Rather than list the sites here, I have posted a separate web page with this information at

What do you write about?

Easy, write about what you know and what you have a passion about. I have a passion about technology and sales meetings so most of my posts revolve around helping others in these areas. Write about your real estate market. One interesting web site I recently ran across and a fellow “Twitter” follower is Joe Manausa. Check out Joe’s blog and how he effectively offers free reports on the housing market in Tallahassee FL. Pay particular attention to Joe’s headings and how he can tease you into reading his blog.

Bottom line, “blog,” and blog about what you do and know. Avoid trying to sell stuff, although you can use “soft” selling as Joe is doing with his free reports or as I did in the above web link. Notice, I provided valuable information to you free but also sent you to my web site where I sell books, memberships and other tools for real estate agents. Just remember, selling properties or yourself in a “hard” fashion can push people away from reading your blogs. Have something to offer, and let the selling come naturally.

How can you make money blogging?

Although blogging is not about making money, let’s face it, most bloggers do it to make more money! Blogging helps drive traffic to your web site, get referrals, make business contacts and promote what you do through the World Wide Web. Blogging can strengthen your web presence through search engine placement, plus provide alternative and valuable content for others to read and learn from your experience. Most of all, blogging can be fun, and that’s the main principal to remember when you begin blogging, “have fun!”

Watch for point number two on why real estate professionals don’t blog. Sign up by adding my blog to your RSS feed.